WxRemote Help


WxRemote is an add-on for WatchDirectory and watchFTP installations. It allows you to start and stop tasks remotely, and to run batch scripts located on remote computers. A Windows program (pictured below) and an optional Web interface (using the WxWeb webserver) is provided.

The picture below shows WxRemote's main screen. As you can see, it's similar to the main screens of both watchDirectory and watchFTP.

The WxRemote Control Center main window

The package contains four parts:

The picture below schematically shows how those programs work together.


But there are alternative ways to install those programs. For example, you can run WxConnectionManager on the same computer as one of your WxListeners:

Alternative schema

Getting Started

  1. Install and configure at least one WxListener
  2. Install and configure at least one WxConnectionManager
  3. Run WxRemoteControlCenter and set up connection parameters
  4. Optionally, install and configure WxWeb server