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Remote Control of your Tasks

Do you manage multiple installs of WatchDirectory and/or WatchFTP? Now you can use the WxRemote Control Center to start and stop your tasks from one central location. The user friendly interface shows you which tasks are running and which are stopped on all your servers.

Remote Scripting

Write simple batch scripts (see Remote Commands) that will run on your servers. Start the scripts from within the Remote Control Center. Several example scripts are installed.

HTML Interface and so much more...

WxRemote includes a small Webserver so you can view, start and stop your tasks from a webbrowser or your mobile phone!

Your Ideas... Let Us Know!


Download WxRemote Here (~8MB). You can evaluate free for 30 days.


The download above has 4 installation options:

  1. WxRemote Control Center (wxrcc)
    Install this on one or more computers where you want to use the Windows user interface.
    (if you only want the Web interface, there is no need to install the wxrcc).
  2. WxWeb
    Install this on one computer, this is a small Webserver allowing you to monitor, start and stop WatchDirectory and WatchFTP tasks from a browser or your smart phone.
    (2 example html sets are installed, one optimized for phone access).
  3. WxListener
    Install this on all computers where you run WatchDirectory and/or WatchFTP.
    (Note: The Standard Edition only supports connections to 3 WxListeners)
  4. WxConnectionManager
    Install this on one computer, this is the central component "between" 1 or more wxrcc's and 1 or more WxListeners.

Buy Now

Buy WxRemote in our shop

The Standard Edition is just $74.50 (€ 74.50), the Professional Edition is $149 (€ 149)

The Standard Edition allows you to monitor a maximum of 3 WatchDirectory or WatchFTP installs. The Professional Edtion has no limits for the number of installs.

You need a license for every WxConnectionManager you install (typically just one).

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