This is a customized web server that connects to WxConnectionManager and sends HTML pages. You can use it to control tasks and run commands from any web browser and from smart phone devices.


Available as a command line program or as a Windows service, WxWeb can be installed on any computer with an available connection to WxConnectionManager. This computer usually needs to be accessible from the Internet.

To install WxWeb

  1. Run downloaded program installation.
  2. Choose "WxWeb" from the list.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.


To edit WxWeb configuration with user interface

To edit WxWeb configuration manually

  1. In the install directory (C:\Program Files\WxTools by default), locate and open the file WxWeb.ini. You easily find it by choosing Explore Install Directory from the Windows Start menu program group.
  2. Edit the file to ensure that WxWeb uses the available port and that template directory is correctly configured.

  3. Make any other changes in the .ini file, e.g. the LogDirectory setting (enter something in the form "C:\WxTools\Logs").

Running WxWeb

To run WxWeb as a Windows Service

  1. Start the file WxW_Install.bat once. This adds a program to the Windows Services applet.
  2. Run WxW_Start.bat to start it.

NB: If uninstalling the Windows Service version of WxWeb, be sure to "unregister" it from the Windows Services applet first: Run WxW_Stop.bat to stop it running, then WxW_Uninstall.bat to unregister the service.

To run the command line version of WxWeb

Customizing HTML template files

Default installation contains predefined template that you can customize to match your preference. In addition to standard HTML tags, WxWeb processes special tags that control WxRemote specific functions. For example:

For the full list of special tags, please consult techguide.txt file located in the template directory.

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