This manages the connection between the WxRemote Control Center and all the instances of WxListener on the monitored computers.


Available as a command line program or as a Windows service, it can be installed on any computer with an available connection to WxListener and WxRemote Control Center installations.

To install WxConnectionManager

  1. Run downloaded program installation.
  2. Choose "WxConnectionManager" from the list.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.


To edit WxConnectionManager configuration with user interface

To edit WxConnectionManager configuration manually

  1. In the install directory (C:\Program Files\WxTools by default), locate and open the file WxConnectionManager.ini. You easily find it by choosing Explore Install Directory from the Windows Start menu program group.
  2. Edit this file and enter sections telling WxConnectionManager where it can find all your WxListeners. Each section looks like this:
    [WxListener1] - The section name. This must always start with "WxListener...", e.g. "WxListener1", "WxListener2", "WxListener3"...
    Alias - Appears in the user interface but has no further significance.
    Server - The name or IP address of the computer running WxListener.
    Port - The TCP port you configured for WxListener.

  3. If WxConnectionManager is sharing a computer with WxListener, edit the .ini file to make them use different TCP ports.
  4. Make any other changes in the .ini file, e.g. the LogDirectory setting (enter something in the form "C:\WxTools\Logs").

Running WxConnectionManager

To run WxConnectionManager as a Windows Service

  1. Start the file WxCM_Install.bat once. This adds a program to the Windows Services applet.
  2. Run WxCM_Start.bat to start it.

NB: If uninstalling the Windows Service version of WxConnectionManager, be sure to "unregister" it from the Windows Services applet first: Run WxCM_Stop.bat to stop it running, then WxCM_Uninstall.bat to unregister the service.

To run the command line version of WxConnectionManager

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