Remote Commands

Remote Commands are batch scripts (.bat or .cmd files) located on computers with WxListeners, that you can run remotely from the WxRemote Control Center.

By default, all output from the command is redirected to WxRemote Control Center where it appears in a popup window.

To run a command

To suppress the output popup window

NB: The Options window "Show all output from remote scripts" setting overrides this.

Naming convention for Remote Commands

A Remote Command must be named as follows:


Special Environment Variables available to Remote Commands

    The name of the selected task. For example: "CopyFiles".

    Before WxListener starts the script, it checks if the task is running (1) or not running (0).

    Contains the full path to the directory where WatchDirectory stores its settings.

    Contains the full path to the directory where WatchFTP stores its settings.

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