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About Us

GdP Software
Julianaplein 43
1949 AT Wijk aan Zee
The Netherlands

Owner: Gert Rijs
Chamber of Commerce nr: 37109259
VAT Registration nr: NL0015.55.094.B66

Our Websites

WatchDirectory logo WatchDirectory
(Monitor Windows Folders for Changes)

WatchFTP logo WatchFTP
(Automatically download files from FTP-Servers)

Wx Remote Tools wxRemote
(Remote control your WatchDirectory and WatchFTP tasks)
Espa˝ol Franšais Webseite in Deutsch
If you have any further concerns or questions about this privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact us.

Privacy Statement - Short Version

GdP Software is concerned about your privacy. While we do collect some information (see below for details), it is all kept secret. Furthermore, none of this information is shared with other parties - Guaranteed.

Your Privacy on this Web Site

Our web server logs all the pages you visit on this web site. Information that is logged includes your IP address. We primarily use this information to optimize your experience on our site and find/correct broken links.
This web site also uses Cookies to store similar information.

Your E-Mail address

We never share your e-mail address with other parties!
When you ask us a question on our contact form, we (obviously) use your e-mail address to reply to you. Your e-mail address will not be used for any other purpose.

Your Shopping Experience

Our sales are handled by our resellers Plimus and BMT-Micro. Purchasing online through their system is fast, easy and completely secure.
When you order in their shop we receive an e-mail notification of your order. This e-mail notification does not contain any credit card information you may have entered. All other information - your e-mail address and telephone number - is included in this notification. We will use this information to notify you of updates to our programs.