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About Us

GdP Software
Julianaplein 43
1949 AT Wijk aan Zee
The Netherlands

Owner: Gert Rijs
Chamber of Commerce nr: 37109259
VAT Registration nr: NL0015.55.094.B66

Our Websites

WatchDirectory logo WatchDirectory
(Monitor Windows Folders for Changes)

WatchFTP logo WatchFTP
(Automatically download files from FTP-Servers)

Wx Remote Tools wxRemote
(Remote control your WatchDirectory and WatchFTP tasks)
Espa˝ol Franšais Webseite in Deutsch

License Lookup for GdP Software Programs

Welcome to the GdP Software Customer Area. Here you can retrieve lost license codes for WatchDirectory, WxRemote, File Viking and WatchFTP.

Get Your License Keys

You can retrieve your permanent key by entering the email address you used when ordering. Your license details will be sent to that email address with the following subject:
GdP Software Registration Information
The sender of this email is (please check your spam folder)

If you have lost this information, or changed your email address, please contact us and make sure to include enough information for us to locate your order (aproximate date of purchase, email address used - the more the better).

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Important note: It takes several days after your purchase before your license key is available on this page.
Last update (yyyy-mm-dd): 2024-02-22

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