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GdP Software
Julianaplein 43
1949 AT Wijk aan Zee
The Netherlands

Owner: Gert Rijs
Chamber of Commerce nr: 37109259
VAT Registration nr: NL1250.02.828.B01

Fax: (815)550-2176
(This is a FAX number in the USA)

Our Websites

WatchDirectory logo WatchDirectory
(Monitor Windows Folders for Changes)

WatchFTP logo WatchFTP
(Automatically download files from FTP-Servers)

File Viking logo File Viking
(The Drag & Drop File Processor)

Wx Remote Tools wxRemote
(Remote control your WatchDirectory and WatchFTP tasks)
Espa˝ol Franšais Webseite in Deutsch

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Recent Blogposts

WatchDirectory version 4.8.8 released - We just released WatchDirectory v4.8.8, this new release has the following issues solved: The ZIP files task could not properly create ZIP files containing large (> 4 GB) files. The FTP fil

WatchFTP version 3.7.2 released - We just released a new WatchFTP version, the download is available on our download page. This is a free update for all customers, just install it on top of your current version. New in this
WatchFTP v3.7.1 released - We just released version 3.7.1 of our WatchFTP program. This release fixes an issue where a WatchFTP task could crash if you use Filter Directories. Free Upgrade This is a free upgra
WatchFTP v3.7 released - We just released version 3.7 of our WatchFTP program. This release will automatically repair its databases if they somehow become corrupt. Database corruption could occur if the task is su

Rename xml files using the value of an xml-node - Q&A A customer wants to monitor a directory for new XML files and move/rename those files to a different directory. The files should be renamed to the value of an xml-node inside the xml file
WatchDirectory v4.8.7 released - Today we released an update for our Directory and File Monitoring program WatchDirectory. This update has the following fixes and improvements: Improved: When WatchDirectory detects an illegal
WatchFTP v3.6.6 released - We just released version 3.6.6 of our FTP File Monitoring program WatchFTP. This is a small update with a few fixes for the Email Action. Depending on how you configured this action, some variab

WatchDirectory v4.8.7 beta 1 - On our forum we have a first beta available for WatchDirectory v4.8.7. The new version has several improvements when monitoring directories where files have illegal names . More information and
Filter Scrips - Slightly underdocumented - Q&A WatchDirectory v4.7 and higher have support for filter scripts, run a little batch script to decide if a detected file should be processed by a task. This is a new option on the Filter E
WxRemote v1.9.1 released - We just released version 1.9.1 of WxRemote. This release fixes a problem that caused the WxListener component to crash. Version 1.9 -> 1.9.1 If you have version 1.9 installed (released

WatchDirectory version 4.8.6 released - We just released a small update for our File Monitor program WatchDirectory. New and improved in this release: Fixed: The new Quick History viewer did not show all messages in the correct orde
New releases of WxRemote, WatchDirectory and WatchFTP - WxRemote v1.9 This new version of WxRemote can show the last messages of your WatchDirectory and WatchFTP tasks. The Windows program (Wx Remote Control Center) by default shows you the very last
WatchDirectory v4.8 beta 1 - On our forum we have a new beta for our Directory Monitoring program WatchDirectory. New in this beta v4.8 has support for some new features of WXRemote, the new v1.9 version of WXRemote will

WatchFTP v3.6 beta - On our forum we have a new beta for our FTP site monitoring program. New in this beta v3.6 has support for some new features of WXRemote, the new v1.9 version of WXRemote will be released next
WatchFTP v3.5 released - A few days ago we released a major update for our FTP Monitor Program WatchFTP. Free Upgrade This is a free update for all customers. Just install the evaluation version on top of your cur
WatchDirectory v4.7.2 - FTP Upload bugfix - Today we released v4.7.2 of WatchDirectory, our program to monitor folders and files. Changes in this release Most important is a bug fix we implemented for the FTP Upload plugin. When a de

WatchDirectory v4.7 Released - We just released a new version of WatchDirectory. This is a free upgrade for all WatchDirectory v4 customers. Changes in this release New: A new implementation of the System.Mail component wh
French and Spanish language blogs - For some time we have an English Blog and a deutscher Blog. Today, we have added the Blog en Espa˝ol by Hans and Blog Franšais by Jacob ( Jackadit ). Currently, there are only a few p
Free Program - Parse filename into components - WDDirSplit - This may be of interest for bat file programmers out there. This simple command-line tool can be used to split a path ( C:\Some\Path\To\Split\File.txt ) into its separate components. Usage C:\

10% (or even 20%) discount on all our programs - Until the end of July August 2013, everyone can get a 10% discount on our programs. Just use the Discount Code SUMMER10POFF in our webshop to get the discount. Do you want a 20% discount??
Automatically Upload your files to Amazon S3 - We just uploaded WatchDirectory v4.7 beta 6, see this forum post. Let WatchDirectory monitor a folder for new or changed files and Automatically upload them to Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple St
Free Program - SlowCopy - For those people who think their computer and network is too fast, here is a little commandline program to slowly copy a file. You typically use it to prevent hogging the network performance when

Use GMail with WatchDirectory or WatchFTP - Our programs can send an email when new files are detected. A few years back most people used their own SMTP server to send email, these days webmail is growing more popular than regular SMTP ser
WatchFTP v3.5 Beta 2 - A new beta for WatchFTP is available. New in this beta We have totally reworked the way WatchFTP detects new and changed files on your FTP site. Previously (version 3.4 and earlier) WatchFT
An Orange blog -   Today Beatrix ( Beatrix, by the Grace of God Queen of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, etc. etc. etc. ), Queen of the Netherlands, announced she will be stepping down . Her